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Do you want to offer your clients the ability to download your app, and thus place a constant advert on their phone? Give them the ability to engage with you, anywhere and everywhere, all through the device that they check on average 150 times a day?

Well now you can.

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Why a monkey? Monkeys are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They’re innovative, and have even been observed using rudimentary tools. An app is a new concept; it’s clever, intuitive and can capture your customer’s imagination.

Apps can have a vast range of uses. You only have to scroll through the app store on your phone to see the array of different apps available. From games to directories, dating, to photography. There are so many apps that exist that coming up with a unique idea can seem virtually impossible.

But you don’t actually need to have a totally original idea, there’s nothing new under the sun as they say. What you need is a USP, something that makes your app that bit different, standing you out from the crowd and making your app a more worthwhile download than a competing one. The range of uses are almost limitless so there could always be something that you can adapt to make yours unique.

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Here at Razor Edge Media we look in great detail at all ideas and concepts brought to us. We know what questions need answering and what considerations need working out throughout the process. We know that the questions we raise will help refine your thinking, hone your ideas and ultimately help finalise the concept and end goal.