The Brief

Braintree Town FC are based just around the corner from Razor Edge Media, alongside the football club’s day-to-day first and reserve team activities, training and matches, they have a community and academy side of the club that undertakes a wide variety of different programmes. The community and academy side of the club engaged us to develop a new website for them which would allow them to create and manage ticket bookings, academy trials bookings, football camp bookings and much more. They wanted a site that would help automate their processes and simplify their bookings and events.

The Process

First we discussed the different aspects of the Community and Academy side of the club with the club’s Commercial Director. They wanted the Community and Academy to form part of the same website but have two distinctive sides, making it very obvious to any user which side of the site they were navigating. We worked with them on the different types of sales they wanted to run through the website and the different information they needed to collect from users processing the different purchases.

They also wanted to be able to sell their kit via the site, tickets and memberships for their business networking group and applications for their academy apprenticeship programmes. Furthermore, the site needed to include a blog on the community side and a news feed on the academy side. It also needed to have a client CMS system to allow them to make changes to content, add/remove pages and images as well as update ticket numbers, event times and more.

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The Solution

The website was developed as an e-commerce website, the majority of the products to be sold on the site were tickets so we incorporated a ticketing system. This allowed ticket numbers, dates and prices to be set with ease so the client could do this themselves. The site had two newsfeed sections added in, again with CMS admin system access to allow the client to add new blogs and new stories as and when they wanted. Each ticket booking page had to include information about the event, the different locations at which the events were held and booking forms to collect different information depending on the event the ticket was being purchased for.

Additional to this, the site’s shop was also set up with a back-end so that the client could add their own products, set sock levels, available sizes, sale prices and product descriptions. The site also notified the client by email when a customer made a booking or ordered a product and sent an order confirmation summary email through to the customer’s email address. These touches greatly improve the function of the charity, allowing them to better run their internal admin and processes by reducing the level of work they had to undertake on bookings and kit orders.

We have been consulting with them on their website progress, internal management and administration and helping them to continually streamline their online and digital processes. This is ongoing and more changes and updates are planned for the near future.

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