Branding is perhaps the most important aspect of any business. It encompasses more than just your logo; it is about your ethos, your message and your image. The entire way your business portrays itself IS your brand. Your name, the font you use on your website and printed material, the imagery you use, the strap lines and wording that you use; everything to do with your company’s interaction with your clients is your brand.

So whilst we may not be able to control every aspect of it, we can help you produce a brand identity for your business, including a branding guide for your staff to follow in order to maintain your brand continuity when communicating with your clients and prospective customers.

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Why a parrot? Parrots are colourful, communicative and memorable. They’re endearing, and many people find them entertaining and interesting. Your brand needs to follow that example to capture your customers’ imagination and their business.

  • Fonts


  • Logos


  • Colours


  • Feel


You would be forgiven for not realising how much difference a font can make. Fonts are evocative and can translate different tones for the exact same words. A font can be the difference between your website looking professional and corporate or looking like a bit of fun. Different business types will need different fonts to get the feel of their brand and business type across effectively.

Your logo is of course part of your brand, a vital part too, it is one of the main focal points for people dealing with your company, often it is the visual association with your company that your customers make. Colour makes a major impact too, colour is also evocative and triggers emotions and subconsciously effects the viewer. Depending on your business, a certain brand colour pallet can be incredibly important to consider fully.

The overall feel of your brand is the combination of all of the above and more. The way you write your emails, how you present your quotes, how you word your website and the key messages and focal wording you use in all your customer communication and dealings.

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