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A common oversight when considering a new website, is the copy itself. Not everyone is trained or proficient in writing engaging, informative, search-engine-friendly copy.

In fact, it can be greatly time-consuming writing the content for your new website’s pages.

Even if you have an existing site with content already written, your new site may require some content to be rewritten, added, or removed entirely as pages are shifted about, built, or deleted.

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Why a lion? Lions are majestic, symbolic, and at the top of their food chain; exactly what your content wants to say about you.

When it comes to the copy for your website we can help develop it, with you at the helm we help define your messages and put together clear and concise wording within each page of your site. All of which helps to close your customers when they are looking at your website.

Words are often all you really have when someone views your website. Unless you’re adding in additional sales tools such as videos (in which you’ll also need to use words) the wording on the actual pages within your website are really the only tools you have to push your customer into contacting you. So you need to make sure they’re as good as they can be.

Of course there is more than just the copy for your website to think about, you might have a corporate brochure, leaflets, marketing packs or other media to send out or give to your clients or prospective clients. In such cases words are equally important as they are on your website, even more so actually. In a brochure you don’t have the freedom to use moving imagery, videos, interactive media or other tools to keep someone’s attention. In your brochure there’s only really two things keeping someone interested, the look of the design and words themselves.

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With your copy writing the most important thing to get right is your message. That might sound obvious but it is all to often missed or too buried to stand out. Contact us today and we’ll help you develop your content to really take hold of your site visitors and get them to take the actions you want them to on your website.