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We offer fully bespoke business CRM systems, built entirely from scratch to do exactly what you need it to. So, if your business needs an internal management software to help you run things and the off-the-shelf options out there just don’t cut it, we can develop it for you.

Our systems are fully bespoke, cloud based and tailored specifically to your requirements. They are built in code that easily integrates with other open source programmes and systems, so we can bolt just about anything else out there into it and make it work. So, the possibilities are pretty much endless; you can have just about anything you want built for you.

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Why a penguin? Penguins huddle together for mutual benefit of the group, just like different systems and programmes can be built together to create a solution that encompasses everything you need it to.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – and that is what they’re designed to help you with. They take in all your customer data and help you manage it, collate it and take action from it. By gathering the data you can tailor actions to trigger depending on it – if you run a restaurant, how about sending out a message near a customer’s birthday with a discount offer to encourage a booking? If you have seasonal trends, you can trigger a reminder to let customers know what the new offers are – this can even automatically update your website!

You can have the system remind you when customer’s accounts are overdue, or prefill regular orders to speed up delivery, track the work you or your employees do or just about anything else you can come up with!

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If your business could benefit from a CRM system please get in touch, we can help your business take a giant step forwards and really improve how you manage your customers and their data.