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Here at Razor Edge Media one of our specialities is database driven websites which; contain a client log-in area, allow clients signed into the site to access information via a secure area, allow them to perform tasks or actions that they cannot perform unless they are logged in.

Database sites can be reasonably simple or they can be highly complex depending on your business’ requirements. There are a wide variety of tasks a database driven site can perform for you.

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Why a whale? Well, first of all, whales are big – database sites are usually big too. They are smart and have advanced communication, and just as a whale dives deep into the vast expanses of the ocean, a database website allows you to dive deep into your customer data and improve your overall understanding of them.

  • File Sharing

    File Sharing

  • Online Subscriptions

    Online Subscriptions

  • Marketplaces


  • Crowdfunding


Database websites can have a wide variety of applications and functions. They can be adapted and custom-built to do virtually anything that might be required. A relatively simple use would be a file sharing site, this would allow customers to log in to a secure area where they could upload and download files. This could extend to specific user permission levels and access areas, the choice is yours. Subscriptions these days are big business and if you can sign your customers up online, even better! So if you’re looking for a sustainable and self-managing option to build up your online earnings, a database site would be the solution.

You can go a step further, crowdfunding is something that is taking off in a big way, more than that, crowdfunding sites also make plenty of money! Beyond that there are even marketplace solutions, this is a site where users can interact with each other, list and sell products, services etc all via your website. All of which you can take a cut of. Marketplaces are advanced and allow a lot of freedom to users, they’re also a growing in popularity.

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Database websites are extremely flexible in their functions and there is little limit to what they can do. Get in touch or give us a call to discuss your ideas and we’ll talk you through your options, all with no obligation.