The Brief

Fidelity Energy are a relatively new, but well-established, energy broker. Serving clients all over the UK, they help provide locked-in low energy to all manner of businesses. One of their major routes to market is their partnership scheme. This allows small businesses to partner with them, selling energy on to their own customers with Fidelity providing the energy and all support, they take a lifetime percentage of the customer’s energy spend. Everyone is a winner!

With such a unique business offering they have a wide and diverse range of services they require from us, these services even extend to their new partners and the support services they are provided.

The Progression

When Fidelity Energy first engaged us they required a simple brochure website. Having been let down by their previous company they came to us having recently moved into an office just two doors down. After completing that first website for them, things began to scale up and soon we were designing new printed brochures, marketing packs and handouts for exhibition shows.

Our knowledge and understanding of their business kept expanding, they were still in the process of defining some of their direction and marketing messages themselves. Working with them we were able to help refine some of those messages. Beyond that, we developed a set of partner marketing materials; a template website, brochure, marketing pack and roller banners. These are provided to their new partners in order to help them more effectively market the energy they could then sell on.


Marketing Materials

Fidelity have made use of a wide range of marketing materials in their time working with us. These have included roller banners, USB sticks, portable phone chargers, t-shirts and more. These have been used at events, including; exhibition shows and large scale events such as the Henley Regatta.

These can be used over and over again, meaning their value is almost endless. By designing them to last we ensure that they get use out of them on a regular and repeat basis.


Partnership Company Materials

Rather uniquely, owing to Fidelity’s business model, we also regularly produce materials for their partner companies. These include; brochures (pictured) which are reproduced each time for clients, adding in their logos and details each time. In addition, these partners can order micro-sites, marketing packs, email templates and roller banners – all complete with their individual company branding.

This produces a fully brand-aligned partner marketing pack, meaning that each partner company can instantly pick up an entire marketing suite of services and materials the moment they join. This improves their ability to market their product and more effectively sell it on.

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A Full Service

Fidelity Energy currently has a brand new, corporate website under construction. This site will be more diverse, more wide-reaching and more informative than the existing site. It will have a larger company look and feel about it, taking them a step beyond where they currently are. It will help them attract larger clients, show them to be a more diverse and well-marketed company.

The website includes a shopping basket system, included with a payment gateway. This allows their partner companies to buy the marketing materials from them, this order system comes directly through to us, so we can put together what is required for the customer and supply it all on Fidelity’s behalf. We also provide them with high-speed hosting for their client’s websites, email account set ups and custom website’s when required.

Brochures and roller banners are designed, printed and sent directly to the clients. We regularly design and produce printed material for Fidelity Energy, ranging from t-shirts to flyers, leaflets, banners, pens, USB sticks and all manner of other marketing materials. Our work with them is extensive and ongoing. Their new website will include a webinars section allowing registrations to online seminars. We continue to work with Fidelity to help them streamline their marketing and digital media.

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