The Project

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre are one of the leading fertility treatment and IVF clinics in the country. Based in Cheshunt they provide help to couples struggling to have children as well as helping people with their fertility-related health and working with them to make their hopes and dreams come true.

What they required was full digital marketing support, spanning everything from rebuilding their outdated website, to designing and organising the production of exhibition stands and much more in-between. They required a full suite of services which would help support and advance their online and digital marketing, as well as the design of posters to place in train stations, imagery for social media, SEO and more.

The Work

Since we began working with Herts & Essex it has been a continual learning curve, working directly with their marketing manager we have worked extensively on a range of tasks. Their branding and brand rules are very specific, they have very detailed parameters about how each facet of their business is portrayed. This means that each task we take on must meet a very stringent set of criteria.

We work with them on an ongoing basis, constantly helping to adapt and update the website and their other digital media. This includes designing leaflets, booklets, posters, exhibition stands, magazine adverts and other marketing materials for their use at events, in the clinic and at exhibitions.


Exhibitions & Printing

The fertility centre run numerous events, open evenings and shows. These all require numerous printed materials, exhibition stands, roller banners, brochures, flyers and much more all need to be designed, discussed, agreed and produced.

This example image shows one of the roller banners which we produced for them for use at a trade show and again at an open evening.


Analytics & Reports

We also produced a report for them each month, on their analytics results, keyword performance, overage Google positions, AdWords spend vs conversions and on-page results, navigation and visitor behaviour. All of this translates into an in-depth analysis report which allows them to better track and understand the activity of their website and its overall performance. Most importantly it allows them to see the behaviour of their visitors, what pages they look at, what they spend most time reading on those pages, what they try to click on, where the go next and so on.

This all contributes to helping the centre improve their website and increase conversions. By understanding visitor behaviour and a typical journey through their site, they can make changes to end that journey at the place most likely to result in a conversion.

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The Overview

We work with them on their SEO and Google AdWords to ensure that they’re constantly and consistently high in Google search rankings. Being found online is an incredibly important part of their marketing and is one of their largest business generators. We help manage and track their keywords and we provide a monthly report on their keyword vs Google position results, placed alongside the Google AdWords results, we help suggest changes or alterations that could improve their overall ranking and visitor numbers.

Coupled with this, we provide our suggestions and the benefit of our expertise so that they can make alterations and changes to their marketing strategy and improvements to their marketing as a whole. We work with Herts & Essex on a diverse range of services, more updates and alterations are planned in the future for their website and more design and printing work will be required.

Other Work

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