If you find that your website runs quite slow, even when you have a fast connection speed, we offer a full website testing service which could help ascertain the root of the problem.

Often, however, the problem is your server: The place where your website is hosted. These are often shared with numerous other websites and the issue can often be with another site, entirely separate to yours, effecting your site speed.

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Why a cheetah? Cheetahs are fast, just like the server solutions we offer. We can help to greatly increase the speed of your site, even if you have a slower connection.

  • Tailored to You

    Tailored to You

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    Dedicated Servers

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Our hosting solutions can be entirely tailored around your needs, so depending on the size, function, security and optimisation of your site we can find a suitable hosting solution. Our servers are secure and run regular back-ups to ensure that all sites on them are copied daily so in the event of any server crash or data corruption your site can be completely restored!

Speed is a major factor in the success of a website in the modern age, if someone clicks onto your site only to discover it takes ages to load – they’ll most likely leave. So our servers are designed to run fast, serving content rapidly and reducing site drop offs or customer boredom. All of which improves your site and helps your Google ranking too!

Some sites, larger platforms, e-commerce websites or other large-database sites may at times require dedicated servers, these give far more freedom and scalability to the site and visitor levels. Dedicated servers are usually only put in place in very specialised circumstances or for very large websites.

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