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Your logo is the stamp you put on your business. It is the crest on your banner, the very thing your customers will associate forever with your company, wherever they see it. That is why it is worth taking time over to make sure you get it right, ensuring that it represents your company and your company’s vision.

Even really big companies occasionally give their logo a facelift, so keep it in mind.

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Why a turtle? Turtles, like your logo, can live for a long time. Your logo could be in place as the identifier of your business for years and years, so you have to make sure you get it right.

When you come to look at your logo design there are a good number of factors to consider and logos can be widely different for different business types and different target customers. So when you consider your logo, you need to consider your customer and what makes your company unique and different.

Logos are usually the focal point of your brand, it is what your customer will learn to recognise and associate with everything you do and everything that you stand for. So you need to make sure it is properly communicating that message – there’s more to it than that, but it’s a start!

For all your logo needs…

Need a logo or a spruce up?

We will take some time and sit down with you to look at your existing logo, or in some cases your initial logo concepts, and we will help you to develop something you can be proud of. Something that will really represent your business and vision.