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You”ve probably heard the phase “pay per click” sometimes misheard as “paperclip” – what it refers to is the online advertising method pioneered by Google.

In essence it does what it says on the tin, you pay “per click” that each of your adverts gets. How much you spend on each of those clicks varies depending on the level of competition competing for the keyword or phrase you’re looking to be found under.

The problem is it can be a bit of a minefield, you can easily get caught up in ever increasing spending, or you might find that you’re just awash in a sea of uncertainty. None of which are fun or practical. This is where we can help.

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Why a Bat? Bats use sonar to see their environment in the dark, but some species use their wings to make a click sound to find out how far from objects they are. Clicking in this way allows them to zero in on their targets. Exactly what pay per click can do for you!

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The most common form of pay per click advertising you’ll have probably seen, perhaps without knowing it. If you’ve ever Googled anything and seen a few results at the top of the page with a small green icon beside them reading “Ad” then those are the Google AdWords results.

Each time someone clicks on them, the advertising company pays for that click. Every time someone clicks, they pay.

Now they can set a budget, so that once they’ve spent x amount their ad will vanish from the page results and they’ll no longer be charged any further. So it is controllable, the problem is Google will often pop up and tell you to up your budget to improve visitor numbers on your site.

Unless you know what you’re doing it can be easy for your budgets to run out of control and you to be none the wiser about the effectiveness of that investment. This is where we can help you make it work better for you, manage it, make it more effective and overcome the pitfalls that often befall companies who dip their toe into the PPC waters.

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