When it comes to websites, the sky is the limit… within reason.

With the right code, websites can be as advanced as you like; being able to perform a variety of tasks and give your user a highly immersive experience. Sites that go beyond what is expected of your standard website are generally known as platforms.

Famous platforms include Facebook, Google and WordPress.

So yes: if you are building a platform, you are in the company of giants. There really is a huge potential with the right platform, so whether you want yours to be the next eBay or the next big social network, by starting with an idea and we can help you work out how to bring it to life.

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Why an elephant? Well, the first thing that everyone has heard about elephants is that they never forget. Platforms don’t either; they remember and record every action taken by every user, and that data can be used to refine the platform more and more in the future.

Platforms take a variety of forms, the most common examples are social media platforms but, if you’re thinking of creating the next Facebook, bear in mind that it is a vast undertaking. Platforms can perform a number of tasks, they can allow users to develop their own modules or their own profile areas to advertise their services or their wares.

Online platforms can be accessed from anywhere, which improves their usability. Unlike an app, which would be restricted or limited to a single device or set of devices, a platform is usually web-based, meaning that you can access them on any device with internet connectivity. This opens up more markets, more possibilities and more people to take advantage of your platform, earning you more money.

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