SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a phrase that can send even the most seasoned businessmen running for the hills. Not only is it frequently misunderstood, but there are also a number of disreputable companies who make a living by falsely promising to get your company onto page one of Google.

What they often fail to tell you, however, is under which exact search terms they plan to achieve this with. They rarely do the required research into your market to determine what kind of competition you are up against, and this can make all the difference. Anyone can get you to the first page of Google under a search term that no one else is competing for, but it’s unlikely that it will ever benefit your business to do so.

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Why a squirrel? Well, the process of SEO is all about trying to climb up Google’s pages to get to the ‘pot of gold’: the very top of page 1. Squirrels generally do a lot of climbing in their lives; they’re tenacious, busy and always preparing for the future with their winter stash of acorns.

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We offer three tiers of service under our SEO offering. Search Engine Optimisation encompasses a very wide range of tasks and options, in order to tailor this around your requirements we offer all of those options within each tier of service. You are free to choose any of those options and the tier level simply provides a budget cap, so you can control your spend, keeping your budget under control and ensuring you’re never met with more costs than you were expecting.

Some SEO activity can be more productive than others, some can be more time consuming and some can be more urgent depending on your existing needs and requirements. We ensure that you’re always kept informed and you’re always advised of the best course of action. But you stay in control, you’re in the driving seat and we help you achieve your goals.

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