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Unfortunately, we could write thousands of words and stats on this page explaining the world of ‘Social Media’, and you could still be none the wiser. That’s why we would generally recommend a face-to-face meeting to really get to grips with it properly.

There is such a wide variety of uses for social media, not to mention various channels used by differing demographics, that the first thing we recommend is to try and identify where your customers are, and what they are expecting to see.

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Why a wolf? Wolves are social animals; they live in large packs and have a very strict social structure. They can also communicate over long distances; something that any good campaign sets out to do. Your social media presence needs to find a way to resonate your howl far and wide, and to build your own loyal wolf pack of followers.

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We offer three main tiers of service within our Social Media Management. The Wolf Cub is the entry level, designed for smaller businesses – those new to social media or those with more modest budgets to start off with. A vast array of options are available under social media management and they are all very diverse and different.

Depending on the aims, targets and business sector that you and/or your customers fit into, certain tasks and activities are more or less relevant to helping achieve your objectives. We’ll advise you on the best methods, help you develop a strategy, even help you develop content for distribution so that your social media can be a success. Even better, it can start being a real source of income and lead generation for your business.

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