We have worked extensively with Stripe’s API and are very experienced with integrating it in numerous formats, being able to manipulate it to function in various different ways on websites and apps alike.

Stripe is designed predominantly for a subscriptions-based service. So, if you’d like an online payment method that can automatically re-bill your clients on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, then Stripe is for you. The beauty of it is that it secures your customers’ payment information, so you’re able to save those details and re-charge returning customers without them having to re-enter their card details. Not only is one-click-checkout convenient for the user, but it is proven to improve conversion rates.

Stripe’s own security systems guard those details, so even if there is a security breach on your website, your customers’ payment information is safe!

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So, why a zebra? Well, zebras have stripes. What would be more fitting?!

However you’d like your business to make money, Stripe’s flexibility means that, more often than not, we can adapt a website or system to work exactly how you’d like it to. Meaning that you can worry about the workings of your online business and we can help fit Stripe around it. Giving you the freedom you’re after and the money-making site to back it up.

What is Stripe and why is it so special?

Stripe is very new to the online payments game, certainly it is a long way behind PayPal in joining the party, but it is rapidly becoming a major player. Cheaper than PayPal, more flexible and designed around subscriptions, repeat payments and simple checkouts, it has become a favourite of developers. With an API which allows it to be integrated into a site in a wide variety of ways it makes for a very powerful payment option. Founded in 2010, it is already number two in the world, rapidly catching up with PayPal. We can tell you all about it. Just drop us a line.

Already using Stripe or need some help choosing a payment system?

Want to know more about Stripe?

Even if this is the first time you’ve heard about Stripe, you might be surprised to learn how it could be adapted to work for you. Get in touch today and we’ll explain the myriad of applications that Stripe has and how those can be made to fit around your business.