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Video is the big new thing in web marketing. Video is taking over content and photography as the leading medium for online engagement and digital marketing. Video content is highly effective, engaging and proven to increase conversions.

In fact, a video on your website is more effective than almost anything else you can do. When a potential customer lands on your website page, if they have a choice to either read through all the pages on your site to find out what you do OR just watch a one minute video which explains it all – they’ll pick the video almost every time.

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Why a Puffer Fish? Puffer fish are famous for one thing, making themselves look bigger and better than they really are. Puffing themselves up scares off their rivals and their enemies. This is exactly what a video can help you achieve with your business, making you look bigger and, better still, drawing more attention to you.

Videos can vary greatly. Most often they tend to vary in quality, an amateur video sticks out like a sore thumb and is far less appealing to look at.

A professionally shot video has a crispness and finish to it that is subtle but ever so important. If someone watches a video on your website that has been unprofessionally shot, produced, edited and cut, it looks it. It will undermine your brand and just will not have the right impact or the effect you’re going for – worse, it might have the opposite effect.

Our video producer is a former BBC editor, having worked on numerous television programmes and films in his career he now focuses on producing excellent and high-quality videos for our clients’ websites and social media.

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