The Brief

What’s in Town was a rather unique experience for us. They already had a functioning app and a good number of users already engaged with it, but were looking to expand the app’s appeal and user base. They wanted to reach more customers, give the app an overhaul and take it forward from where it was. What they required was a new branding image; they needed a logo, colour palette, a look and feel that would help the app look more professional and user-friendly. They also desperately needed an updated website advertising the app and its features, and providing its download links. Both the UI and UX for the app required consideration, and the overall brand had to be reflective of their new image.

The Process

The first step was the brand. In order to guide and govern the rest of the tasks, the first thing that needed to be settled upon was the look and feel – which was led by the brand. We created a branding document, showing three options for possible colour palettes. The logo concepts were placed alongside each colour scheme, along with multiple font combination options.

Once the branding was settled on, the designs for the app could proceed. Led by the chosen colour scheme and taking UI and UX into strong consideration, the app designs were put together. Certain functionality improvements were suggested within the designs that were to be added to the existing app in order to improve user experience, and the overall usefulness of the app. The new functions and app updates were to be implemented once the designs were signed off.

The final stage was the website. After the app designs and suggested functions and improvements to user experience were signed-off, the website design and build could proceed. As with all websites, we began with a design – again, based on the newly-agreed brand. Once agreed, the designs were constructed into a new website which went live as soon as completed.

Web Link

The Outcome

With the new website live, the company had a far stronger image and professional appearance. They then implemented our app designs into a full update; completely changing the layout, UX and UI of the app for the better.

Once the app update was rolled out, they were able to start promoting the new brand, new website and new-look app to their existing customers. Whilst the professional new look allowed them to start re-positioning the app to target more customers, utilising their pre-existing social media and app store marketing channels helped them to promote the app’s new features and functions to a wider audience.

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