Who are Razor Edge Media and what
makes us different?

May 2013
We became Razor Edge Media.

August 2013
We completed our first project.

October 2013
We began offering bespoke platforms as a service.

April 2014
We moved into “Shedquarters” – our first office.

May 2014
We became experts at stripe intergration – another great service we have to offer.

July 2014
Being attacked by wasps and melting in the heat; Shedquarters was no longer fit for purpose.

August 2014
We agreed a lease on a new office in Braintree.

September 2014
Jessie joins the team.

November 2014
Our first IOS game became available for download.

March 2015
Josh joins the team.

April 2015
5th Bespoke system built – including stripe integration and postcode search.

August 2015
Large clients come on board to utilise our full digital services.

September 2015
On the move again, welcome to REM HQ.

October 2015
Stef joins the team.

January 2016
50th Website Live.

April 2016
Internal call centre software started.

July 2016
Tim joins the team.

From humble beginnings come great things.


Meet the Team

Our team makes our company what it is. People are the centre of any organisation and here at Razor Edge Media we are incredibly proud of the team we have and the value they add to our company and to our clients.

Quality guaranteed, every time

Founded in 2013 by James Hardy and Alex Seleska the company has grown with surprising speed. Our absolute focus on delivering excellent customer service has allowed us to grow at a fantastic rate, tripling in size in our first two years alone.

Database driven websites and web-based systems have become something of a speciality of ours, earning us a good reputation in our local area and throughout the UK. Our work with customised payment systems such as Stripe has set us apart from our competition and allowed us to take on a vast array of interesting and diverse projects. All of which have added to our combined experience, given us new perspectives and allowed us to push towards more challenging horizons.

The company employs a team of young, innovative people with great ideas and excellent work ethic. They embody our ethos of cutting edge creativity and allow us to take increasing strides forward achieving ever greater things.

We aim to always deliver something truly valuable to our clients. We believe in honesty when it comes to discussing your project. We will never suggest something that won’t benefit you, or would overstretch your budget simply for the purpose of making a sale. We believe that giving you something that genuinely adds to your business will ultimately speak for itself.

Our Process






Go Live


We begin by arranging a consultation. This stage is completely non-obligatory and does not tie you into any form of agreement with us. We discuss your needs, learn as much as we can about your business. By understanding your business, we can determine what you need from a website.

During this phase we try to define the functionality your project will need; a shop or a payment system, a booking system or maybe something more. Whatever it is, this is the stage where we find out those details so we can give you a realistic expectation of price and timeframe for your project.


Having completed the consultation phase we move onto the design. By taking the ideas and concepts we discussed with you in the last stage and working with your existing branding, we begin developing a design concept.

We generally develop two or three design ideas for you to show a few different directions you could go. In website projects we fully explain each design concept we produce in detail, so you can fully understand the vision we have for your forthcoming website. For systems we often worry about the visuals further into the project.

When it comes to websites, design is fundamental. Good design is what keeps your customers on the site, inviting them to explore your brand and learn more about your business, and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Once you settle on a design, we will discuss what you do and don't like about it, and from there we can start to build.


After the design phase is complete, and you are happy with the final concept we have provided, we will then move onto the build stage.

This is where we develop the final design into a functioning, interactive product. We build onto what is called a 'staging area'; a private area on our server that you will have your very own link to. So whilst your site is being built, you have access to it, we have access to it, but no one else in the world will until you're ready for them to.

Think of it as seeing a car in a showroom; everything works, it's just not out on the road yet!

This stage allows us to make small tweaks, fix teething issues, update complex functions, movements and other elements before we present it for the world to see. We ensure that all the things that the design and specification calls for are working as they should be.


With website projects, we recommend that the content for your website should be prepared during the build stage. This ensures that it is not just an empty husk of a website when it goes live, and by getting the content ready this early on, we can avoid any delays that would otherwise be caused by unsightly empty pages. Content includes the wording for each page as well as images, videos and other media to go on the site.

Writing the content for a website can often be a tedious or difficult task, especially if you're not used to it or if you're trying to keep SEO in mind.

If you need us to help, we offer copy writing as a service and will create the content for your website should you want us to. If you would like us to take the stress of content writing off of your shoulders, let us know as soon as possible so we can avoid any delays in getting your website live.


Once you are happy with the look and functionality of your new website, system or app, we move onto testing.

This is where we check that everything works exactly the same across different browsers; otherwise known as 'cross-browser compatibility'. We also test the compatibility across different devices, so that your users will have the exact same experience no matter what device they are using.

When dealing with apps or systems we have to test them in a live environment. This means that we'll ask some of your company employees, friends or colleagues as guinea pigs to locate any bugs, errors and glitches which can often go unnoticed. These issues are then reported back to our developers who work to locate and fix them before it is presented to the general public.

Go Live

Go-live is, as you may have guessed, the final stage.

After all content is in, the testing has been completed and you confirm that you are happy with the final product, we make it live.

For websites or web-based systems, we'll need your domain name control panel details so we can put your website onto your www. record. This process can sometimes take 24-48 hours to propagate but generally it happens relatively quickly.

Once we’ve gone live, a website becomes active or your system is ready for general use. However, even once this final stage is complete, we will still remain on hand for help, bug and issue fixing, and any further updates or changes you want made in the future.

Want to Get in Touch?

We look in great detail at all ideas and concepts brought to us. We know what questions need answering and what considerations need working out throughout the process. We know that the questions we raise will help refine your thinking, hone your ideas and ultimately help finalise the concept and goals of your project.